The essential books you need to become a Firefighter


essential firefighter workbooks


The application form is your ‘interview on paper’. You have to write an extraordinarily good application to get through to the next stage.

Most people are rejected, with 90% of applicants making all the same mistakes. Read this important information now to avoid these yourself.

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Ability Tests

Ability tests, psychometrics, online testing, verbal and numerical reasoning, there are all terms that are used to describe this daunting part of firefighter selection! The best way to pass these challenging tests is to learn how your answers will match up before the real thing. Take our practice tests here.

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Assessment Day

To get to assessment day you will really have been put through your paces, mentally, emotionally and physically.

The pressure can be intense, and not everyone handles their nerves well. Those that do well are always the people who have gone above and beyond to prepare properly.

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